Building a healthy relationship with food

You’ll know you have a healthy relationship with food when you...

-Primarily eat for fuel, and rarely to avoid emotions or feel better

-Don’t obsess about food/eating healthy or what people think of what you eat

-Can enjoy a ‘treat’ or less healthy option on occasion and enjoy it without self shaming or binging

-Understand why you make the choices you make

-Don’t feel guilt or shame around what or how much you eat

-Feel good in your body/have plenty of energy/minimal to no pain

-Feel good about your choices

If you aren’t there yet, don’t worry, many women—myself included—(and men) experience obsessive thoughts about what and how much they’re eating, guilt, shame, extreme restriction, and/or binging.... Some become obsessed with eating only the healthiest foods, while others find it too much and resign themselves to poor nutrition habits that don’t make them feel good simply because they don’t know what else to do.

Some will tell you “everything in moderation.”

Others will say “discipline!”

And others, “just listen to your body!”

All of those things have validity, but taking any of those approaches without the information that I have come to learn, understand, and implement —is a path of struggle, frustration, slow to no progress, and less than optimal long term health outcomes for the majority of people.

I’ve been through countless diets myself, experienced all sorts of unpleasant symptoms -weight gain, feeling “off”/not how I knew I should feel, stomach aches and digestive issues, acne, fatigue, painful periods, chronic pain, poor self image, anxiety, depression… I could probably go on. I’ve worked with and learned from ton of others who were experiencing or had experienced similar challenges. And I’ve seen countless people, myself included, reverse and be free of those things and more.

I am dedicated to finding the truth, the best and simplest solutions, and making it as easy and enjoyable for you to implement in the shortest amount of time possible.

So that no matter where you’re at, you can get on with your life feeling GOOD, free from obsession and confusion about food, confident in your self and your choices.

So back to the methods.

I don’t think eating something toxic in moderation just because it doesn’t kill you immediately is a good idea, personally.

Do you think I’m being dramatic when I say “toxic”? Are processed food and animal products really “toxic”?

I don’t want to get into the semantics, but I know this.

The evidence is overwhelming that the American diet (and other lifestyle factors) are making us sick. *And most of the time instead of removing the cause of the sickness, we treat it with pills so that we can continue the same habits that got us sick in the first place.*

You can’t see the box from inside it.

So if you’re reading this, congratulations, perhaps you’ve noticed the “box”, perhaps you’ve opened the lid and are starting to understand things from a new perspective, or, perhaps this is the thing that helps you start to see that there is, in fact, a box.

Until we understand that we’re in one, and take the necessary action (where so many of us get stuck is taking consistent action, more on that here) to see the box from the outside, and pick what we want our box to actually be like, we will always be in about the same spot with the same problems. Or even problem that slowly get worse.

The “box” I’m referring to is the model of the world we develop as children and live in until we become, for lack of a better term currently, “awake”. Or aware of our patterns and conditioning, aware that we are not our thoughts and feelings—we are the consciousness that experiences those things, and we do in fact have much more control than we may have once believed. We won’t get too deep into that now.

That model of the world exists as beliefs we have embedded in our neurological programming that we don’t even realize are necessarily optional beliefs, and not just objective reality. They shape our experience of the world.

Your perception IS reality (to you). In other words, it is that way because you believe it to be.

Someone said “We do not experience the world as it is, we experience it as we are.” Which reflects the same principle.

That does not mean however that we can believe something and escape science or the laws of physics.

There are universal truths that cannot be changed with belief of course. But that’s ok, there’s a concept called a “beautiful constraint”, and living the life you want doesn’t require any defying of the laws of the universe. In fact it requires understanding them and using it to your advantage.

By now you might be like ‘ok… we were talking about food right? Uh, what’s going on?’


Why this is relevant.

In order to have a healthy relationship with food, if you do not currently, you MUST change your thoughts.

You must begin to build a healthy relationship with yourself.

And for me, this starts with understanding who I am on a deep level, my connection to everything, understanding my brain, and the laws of the universe.

When you understand those things, you will have SUCH different thoughts about yourself and other people!

In order to answer the question “how do I have a healthy relationship with food?”

I believe we must first answer the question “What is a human supposed to eat?”

Now let me warn you, it’s up to you to decide on an answer using your best judgment. There will always be people trying to prove their side and convince others. It’s up to you to consider the validity of evidence—where is it coming from? Who is creating and analyzing it? Do they benefit from having you believe one thing over another? If I really pay attention, does this evidence make sense? How is it reflected in the population around me? These are just a few of many questions to consider when making decisions about what to believe.

To answer that question, we can look in various places.

We can look to science, history, religion, and the deeply connected intuition we all possess (with varying levels of access/clarity)

What does science and historical data say?

What does the Bible say?

What does that deep inner wisdom tell you?

I am not here to answer these questions for you and convince you I’m right, though I am sure what I offer may help you get some clarity.

I’m really here to help you answer those questions yourself so that you can feel truly confident in your choices, and it becomes easy to stick with them.

It’s no longer someone else telling you what to do, it’s you making an educated choice that you feel good about. So it sticks. It feels good, not icky, restrictive, constant discomfort and battle of will power.

It might not be EASY at first, but most things aren’t and you’re a human on planet earth, no one said it would be easy. You were made evolve. Once you choose to accept what’s difficult at first and get through it, things get so much easier. I’ve done it over and over again.

I’ve dedicated my time and effort to making this as easy and accessible as possible, like so many before me have done with all sorts of things. It’s evolution. This is just one of many reason you and I have to be grateful—be grateful for your fellow humans that go through hardship for the sake of evolution, that create amazing things and want to support you and your success, tap into that feeling of connection and that awareness, it’s powerful.

To me, the science, history, religion, and my intuition all point to this — humans are meant to eat plants.

When you learn to cook the way I do, and think the way I think, with the knowledge I share, fueling your body with healthy food the majority of the time becomes easy, enjoyable, and sustainable. And the beautiful thing about it is, what I teach you will allow you to make the choices that truly feel GOOD to you, it’s not just forcing you to do exactly what I do. Some of your preferences will differ from my personal choices, and that’s ok. Once you understand the principles I teach and integrates them, the choices you make I guarantee will be different from the choices you make currently, and you will feel so good about it because that’s what will allow you to get the results you want and keep them, like...

-Feeling strong and energized

-Feeling confident in yourself and your choices

-Feeling confident in the kitchen

-Liking how you look when you look in the mirror

-Doing what you want to do but wouldn’t used to because of how you felt or what you weighed

-No more obsessing over food (unless you’re like me and love food so much you choose to build your business around it! 😉 but that’s a little different)

-Never feeling deprived or restricted but still being healthy

If you don't currently feel as described above and you’d like to, schedule a call and see if you’re a fit for my coaching program.

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