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Hi! I'm Ayana.

I struggled with weight, digestive issues, acne, fatigue, heart palpitations, lower back/kidney pain, and I tried tons of things—acupuncture, exercise, diets like grain-free, paleo, etc— to simply feel good.


While some of that helped, it wasn't fixing the issue.


Now, I no longer struggle with those issues, and it's all thanks to food.

Food has always been a huge part of my life, and it's a huge part of your life too! We all eat on average 80-90,000 Lbs of food in our lifetimes, and it affects us in many more ways than most of us realize.

I've been cooking most of my life. I worked as a pastry chef, catering weddings and events with a farm to table business, and cooking with my mother and grandmother.  

It is my goal to make healthy and delicious food simple, easy, affordable, and sustainable for anyone. 

So here is my free mini-book with 14 whole food recipes to get you started eating easy delicious food that supports optimal health!

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